Kharkiv: Inventory

On November 28, 2014, the forum “Kharkiv: Inventory” was held in the Center for Contemporary Art “Ermilov Center” (Kharkiv, Ukraine). It was one of the events of the series of research and educational activities dedicated to the city and its urban forms.

The main aim of the forum – is to “take stock” of Kharkiv modern architectural environment, namely to fix the presence of the objects of the city environment, to assess their current state, to discuss what should be recognized as the “heritage” of Kharkiv and what “has no value”, to understand how and what to do in the near future – not only within the professional community, but also what ordinary citizens should do.

The forum was attended by the prominent Kharkiv architects, city planners, conservators-restorers, artists and designers: Oleg Drozdov (“Drozdov & Partners”), Valery Ponomarev (Institute Kharkivproject), Nikolay Ridnyi, Vladimir Novgorodov (Member of ICOMOS, corresponding member of the Academy of Architecture of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine and the Kharkiv Planning Council), Maria Norazyan and Ilya Pavlov (design studio “GRAFPROM”, concept designers “”), Vasilisa Shchegoleva and Bogdan Volynskiy (architects “Snizhok”, Kharkiv). Videos of presentations, discussions and interim results of the study are available at the link.

Organizers: NGO Urban Forms Center and NGO Critical Thinking (Kharkiv, Ukraine).