Kharkiv Architecture Manual Mobile App

The Kharkiv architecture manual is a digital guide to the city, which is famous for its modernist architecture. The application has a handy map with objects indicated on it and gathered into routes complemented by text descriptions and detailed information. Unique author’s audio guides in Ukrainian and English will accompany you during a virtual or real journey. While exploring the architecture of the buildings, you’ll also find rare archival images, recent professional photography, and 3D models that show what these objects were like throughout the 20th century and their current state during the war.

If you’ve been dreaming of visiting Kharkiv for a long time and can’t wait to come to this peaceful Ukrainian city, this app will help you prepare for your journey. You no longer need to look for a guide, book a guided group tour or carry printed guidebooks with you, distracted by searching for the proper addresses in a navigator. The application simplifies the search for the desired objects, giving a clear understanding of where the object is, how to get to it, and how it looks now, taking into account all the historical changes in the urban landscape.

For true architecture lovers, to feel present in the urban environment of the city, there are no limits to the parameters of physical space or time, the cost of tickets, and travel expenses. The architecture manual creates a digital space and allows you to enjoy a walk through the city even if you are hundreds and thousands of kilometers away.

Download the application from the App Store or Play Market.

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Organizers: NGO Urban Forms Center in partnership with Brno House of Arts and Brno Architecture Manual with the financial support of House of Europe.