Atomograds: Planned Cities in the Contemporary Society

The urban colloquium “Atomograds: Planned Cities in the Contemporary Society” was held at the Gallery of Modern Art “Lenin” (Zaporizhia, Ukraine) on 19–21 September, 2014, with the support of the Swedish Institute (Stockholm, Sweden). The event was focused on the problems of atomograds and other planned cities of Ukraine. Participants visited Zaporizhia NPP and its satellite town Enerhodar, listened to the lectures by architects and culture experts, participated in the workshop on sustainable development. The following speakers took part in the event: Ievgeniia Gubkina (Urban Forms Center, Kharkiv), Dmitry Zadorin (Netherlands/Belarus), Xenia Vytulova (NDITIAM, Moscow, Russia; Columbia University, USA), Natalia Lobach (Gallery of Modern Art “Lenin”, Zaporizhia), Vasilisa Shchegoleva and Bogdan Volynskiy (Architects of “Snizhok”, Kharkiv).

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